January 31, 2011

Sick, Again

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sick.  Might be the flu, I suspect it is just a cold but it seems like I just had a cold not that long ago!

Oh wait!

I did- over Christmas break.

So I'm here with the soup and the gatorade and the misery and feverish hallucinations and whatnot.  I haven't gotten to exercise since Wednesday.  Overall my calorie intake is pretty good.  I've lost 13 lbs since the beginning of the year and I am very proud of that achievement.  I feel good (despite the illness of course).

I miss jogging.  I have not been able to go as planned.  On Tuesday it rained and Thursday I came down with this plague and have not been able to walk up a hill without coughing and gasping, jogging seems impossible until at least tomorrow or Wednesday.

On the bright side, I got invited to a birthday party!  On Saturday night I will be enjoying the hospitality of Annie Sue as she celebrates her 25th year.  I am very excited about the prospect of a party with new, non graduate student people.  I am also thrilled at the opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy a nice dinner and birthday cake.

Since I am on the mend and have a party to look forward to, this week is looking up, considerably.

1 comment:

annie said...

boo! so sorry you didn't get to have your fun dinner party... hope you'll be coming on the 19th! :)