January 19, 2011

Ode to my Hips

Ode to my Hips!
I have amazing hips- really, textbook perfect.  When I am thinner my body looks like an hourglass, or a pin-up picture from the 1940s.

When I go to zumba class I do not wear the dowdy sweatpants or baggy shirts.  I want to wear the fitted shorts and tops.  I do this because I love looking at my magnificent dance moves and magical hips in the mirror.

In yoga classes I actually get compliments on the 'openness' of my hips, meaning that they are very flexible.

Oh my hips!  How I love you!  You make me look womanly and curvy yet at the same time you are clearly athletic.  You embrace the contradiction that is me and I appreciate it.

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