January 29, 2012

Sports Bra and Race Plans

I've professed my love for Enell sports bras before.  I just ordered another one.  My current one's getting pretty raggedy. 

They've done me well but I hope this is the last one I ever have to buy.

Why?  Because I'm hoping that by the time this one is Raggedy Andy I'll be able to wear regular sports bras by regular companies, like Moving Comfort or Under Armour. 

Plans are coming along for marathon weekend.  Here are the tentative plans:

On Saturday morning Jenn and I will drive down to Orlando and set up base camp at the Disney All-Star Movie Resort.  Not only is this one of Disney's budget hotels it is also one of the handful of hotels that will have a shuttle to and from the race on Sunday.  We'll also be heading to the Expo to pick up our race packets, bibs, and any other goodies. After we're settled in I think we'll spend the afternoon in Downtown Disney.  They have a movie theatre and some restaurants for a late lunch.  The idea is to have a nice, larger than normal lunch and to stay off our feet as much as possible.  Then it will be back to the hotel for (maybe) a light dinner and an early bedtime.  I'm thinking at 8 pm with the help one Tylenol PM and I'll be trying to get as much sleep as possible. 

The first corral of the race starts at 545 AM on Sunday morning.  Between getting up, having a breakfast, getting ready and overall jitters people have assured me that I'll need to be up and out the door by 330 AM at the latest in order to take the shuttle and get to the race start.  With a start time around 6 I hope to be done sometime around 9 to 930 at the latest.  There is some kind of victory snack and drink thing where people can pick up their bags, medals, and find their families.  I don't get the impression that this is the kind of thing that people hang around at so after we snack, Jenn and I will probably head back to the hotel for ice baths (!!!), food, showers, and maybe naps.

After we return to the living the plan is to enjoy the rest of the day at the Epcot Park.  So far on my long runs I've been tired but not really sore until the day or two after so I think as long as we both feel okay that we'll lunch in the park and travel around the different world pavilions, see the Michael Jackson show (did you hear?  It's back!!), the Nemo show, and everything else that Epcot offers before our dinner reservations at 735 at Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion.  We'll party and celebrate as long as we can stand it before heading back to exhaustion and sleep and sore muscles.  On Monday morning it will be time for check-out and heading back to Tally-town.

I've been watching some Disney Princess videos on youtube.  They make me tear-up every single time- people look like they're having so much fun. 

I can't count on it because sometimes I can be an emotional vacuum... but I have to wonder, will I cry when I finish?

January 26, 2012

One month!

One month from today and I will be at Epcot and Disney World running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

I'm so excited I can barely stand it.  On Tuesday I did an 8-mile run; I pushed it back from Saturday because of the party.  The day after tomorrow I have a 9 mile run.

It's all becoming so very real.  I have my PhD exams this month too; if I can make it through the next five weeks I'll be golden. 

I'm working on a post about my birthday party, but I wanted to take today and remind myself that in one month I'll be a distance runner.

January 21, 2012

Tanti Auguri a Me!

The party's tonight!

Week's of planning, decorating, and overall over-thinking culminate with a super huge awesome bash!

Look for pictures in the days to come.

January 14, 2012

7 Miles

Today I ran the farthest (furthest?  When is the right time for one or the other?) I've ever ran: 7 miles.

I almost didn't.

I'd waited too late in the day.  I was tired from shopping for my birthday party next week.  It's colder than I prefer as a Floridian. 

"I could go tomorrow."

If not for some awesome encouragement via Facebook I may not have gone at all.  7 miles was intimidating. 

What if it was like last week?

But it wasn't.

I had to take a few more breaks than I like but I still finished in about 90 minutes (under a 13 minute mile).  I felt really good when I was done.  Mostly I felt good because I was done but I also felt good knowing that I owned those miles and nothing could take them from me.

Next week is 8 miles.  It just sounds sooo far.  I'm going to run them on Friday because Saturday is such a packed day with mani/pedis, hair and make-up, party planning, party throwing, and party enjoying. 

I just really feel and hope that 2012 is awesome. 

January 13, 2012

Gifts I would love to get

So I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago but am having my birthday party next Saturday.  While I don't expect presents I do have a list of things I'd love to get, should anyone like to get me anything!!!


I love these caligraphy inspired initial necklaces.  They're handmade and lovely and delicate.

This fine faux violet covered fur is fantastic.  It is whimsical, decadent, and completely unneeded here in Florida.  However, that said, I do love the idea of this fur.  It is unique, a statement piece, and could make a find addition to many outfits.

This dress.  What can I say about this dress?  The fact that it is the beautiful watery blue color that matches my eyes?  The slightly boatneck collar that flatters everyone?  The ruffles?  The bow in the front?  Maybe I should talk about the inverted mermaid skirt?  It may be the most beautiful dress I've ever seen in my life.  Oh, to have an occasion to wear such a dress!  Anyone going to a ball?  A royal wedding?  Some kind of decadent Southern benefit?  Take me so I can wear this dress!!!

And for my inner geek...

I don't have an iPad or tablet yet (only a matter of time) but when I do get one then it needs to be covered with this Neverending Story cover.  I have no idea where to get it or who makes these but they are fantastic.  Can you fall in love with a tablet cover?  I might be.

So just in case anyone is wondering what the perfect gift would be for me, these are the top four that I'm excited about.  

January 7, 2012

Six Miles + Paleo = not so good

So, in seven weeks I have this race, a half marathon, and for me it's kind of a Big Deal

A little over a week ago I started an experiment with the Paleo Diet, a diet that focuses on meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, but the overall diet is lower carb.  Not no carb.  And not even really low carb, just fewer carbs.  I've done low carb diets with a lot of success because they are very controlled but I've never tried an endurance event while eating fewer carbs.

Today I was supposed to run six miles.  I hadn't done any other jogging this week, it just didn't fit into this week with school starting.  I still fit in all my other workouts, just not the jogging part.  Fast foward to today and I get my shoes all laced up for six miles.  First two to three miles I feel okay.  Breezing through at my regular pace, wishing I was faster and thinking to myself 'I feel strong today.'

Mile 4: legs die.  Even the slightest incline feels like a mountain and I had to take lots of walking breaks.  Miles 5 and 6 weren't any better and my overall pace slowed to a 14 minute mile. 

14 minute mile?!

That's slower than I was 6 weeks ago at the Turkey Trot.  I'm grateful that I was able to keep my average pace at a 14 minute mile because with all the walking I did in the second half I definately felt frustrated and it could have been slower because it was just so hard!!

So... what can I do to fix this problem?  First and foremost this was an energy problem.  I literally ran out of gas and spent the rest of the run in spurts and starts.  What I think I will do about an hour or so before the run is to eat some dried fruit- apricots, prunes, or maybe cherries.  I might even try dates.  Dried is better for me because of the concentrated amounts of sugar and because it will not fill me up, leaving me jogging with a sloshy belly. 

Second this may have been connected to some dehydration.  I've been drinking my regular amount of water but I wonder if it is enough with this change in diet.  I took my Camelback with me (a backpack that holds water and lets you sip it as you're exercising so you don't need to do too much with your hands or fiddle with things like lids or caps or fuel belts, etc) and I finished the whole thing before I was home.  I didn't fill it before home, I don't usually fill it, but I've never consumed the whole thing before.  I wish I could remember how thirsty I was while I was running but I was so distracted by my legs refusing to obey my commands that I wasn't exactly paying attention to my mouth or thirst.

I know that the next two weeks or so are going to be experiments to see how I do with properly fueling myself before long runs.  Next week the scheduled distance is 7 miles.

I'm not nervous.  Not at all.  Promise. 

(Really, I'm super nervous.)

January 1, 2012


Check out my red lips.  Are they not the best?

2012 is going to be a good year.  2011 had some great moments including hiking Mt. LeConte, 2 10K races, significant weightloss and maintenance, but 2012 is going to be awesome. 

First, I am having a huge birthday party on the 21st.  If I have to turn 30 (!) then I am going to do it with cake and champagne.  One of the things I want this year is to make my house a place of celebration, entertainment, and hospitality.  I want people to feel welcome here.

Second, I am running the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February.  This is a major goal and I am both nervous and ready for this experience.  It may be the most thrilling experience of  my young life. 

Third, more CrossFit, Yoga, Zumba, and other positive, healthy things.  I have been trying to evaluate the times when I am happiest and it seems that, for now, I am happiest when I am doing these things.  Not only are they fun but they keep me entirely in the moment.  When I am doing CrossFit of Hot Yoga then I can think of nothing else but finishing the workout and meeting the immediate goal of surviving and thriving.  I cannot think of the past 18 months and some of the incredibly hard, hurtful experiences.  I joined CrossFit for weight training and fitness; I did not realize that it would soon become a place of escape too.

Fourth, more weightloss.  On so many levels I feel ready for this but, at the same time, not.  I want, desperately, to be seen as an athlete by myself and others.  I also want to be a vixen, with red lips and Zooey Deschanel bangs.  But, simultaneously, I do not want the attention that comes with weightloss and especially unwanted male attention.  When men admire me, men that I want to admire me, the attention feels nice, flattering, however, when men that are too old, gross, or otherwise less desirable look at me if makes me feel like a victim of consumption.  I hate that I cannot control their own looks at me.  Staying heavy protects me from that.  I'm going to have to find a way to deal with this as it only increases with the more weight I lose. 

Fifth, I want to have more adventures.  I want to climb LeConte again this summer.  I want to swim with manatees.  I want to take an art class or join a book club.  I want to go rock climbing at the Rez.  I want to be someone who does things.

Some of these feel a lot like resolutions, and I suppose they are to some vague extent.  Mostly I just really want 2012 to be more than 2011.  More opportunities, more happiness, more hope.  Less pain, loss, and suffering.