January 24, 2011

Running around Lake Ella

Yesterday I went jogging for the first time in months.

It was a goal I had been working towards- not so much physically, but psychologically.  I knew that I had stepped away from the pavement and to get back on was going to be hard, discouraging, exhausting, and frustrating. 

On some level it was all of those things but on another, more significant level, it was rewarding, encouraging, fun, and relaxing. 

I felt strong. 

I decided to run the Springtime Tallahassee 10K.  I ran this race last year and it was, by far and away, the most fun race I ran all year.  It is a pretty route through Meyers Park Neighborhood, many members of the community sit on their lawns and cheer on the runners.  One person had a huge stereo blasting Chariots of Fire, another had hoisted their sprinkler on a pole so runners could run under it and get a little refreshment.  At the end (and this is the best part) there are massage therapists for the runners, food, and beer!  They don't do pathetic cups of Gatorade, they serve a variety of really good beers.  It is just a really fun, supportive race. 

And I will run it again in ten weeks, April 2. 

I realized yesterday that if I train consistently I could run that race.  It is entirely doable and I think that is awesome.

I'm awesome.

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