January 4, 2011


When I published my goals I stated that I wanted to do zumba at least twice a week.

That hasn't happened this week.

And there's a good reason: my gym membership expired.

I love Art of the Catwalk but in December my membership expired and as a graduate student I must wait to renew my membership until my student loans come in next week. 

So in the mean time I'm walking my dog in the afternoons for 35 minutes.  It is not the same as taking a zumba class but it is helping me build back my cardiovascular strength, burn some calories, and enjoy some fresh air.  I suppose I do not need to justify walking in lieu of zumba, but since this blog is about accountability it seemed like a good idea.

In other news, classes started today and I start teaching tomorrow.  I'm nervous but also really excited.  I loved so many of my college professors and hope that I can inspire that love of learning in some of my students.  I want my students to know that they are participants in history, that history has continued consequences, and that requesting that they learn history is not some draconian punishment meant only to frustrate them (as many of them believe).

I did well with calories staying below 1700.  I tell you, that may sound like a lot but I am hungry a lot.  I ate lunch and was hungry again 90 minutes later.  I took a nap.  Woke up, walked the dog, and at 410 decided that I wanted my dinner right then and would have my last mini-meal at 8pm.

Being hungry stinks.

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