February 26, 2013

Mason Jars

I feel like I'm going to go all 'Joan Crawford' on somebody every time I see a wedding idea with a mason jar.

They. Are. Everywhere.

Candle holders, pew decorations, lanterns, cookie cutters shaped like the famous 'Ball' logo, vases, invitations with the image embossed on them, used as glasses, turned into 'the theme of your wedding' snow globes, etc.

Mason jars are everywhere.  There is not a thing wrong with these glass jars.  People seem to love them and that's great.

For them.

But, if you don't want mason jars at your wedding, man, you are out of luck.  Just look at Pinterest and you'll see what I mean.

February 19, 2013

My cat, Simon

Since the engagement I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what parts of my single life will stay the same when I get married and which parts I will need to change when I pair my life with Brandon's.  Two of the things that will change are CrossFit and my job.  I'll also be moving from Tallahassee to a town that doesn't have a stoplight.  However, I will continue running and lifting, I will continue teaching history to college students, and I will continue to spend as much time with my best friend as I can.

But there will a significant change and I'm trying to do the best with it now that I can.

I won't be taking my three cats, Idget, Simon, and Baxter, with me to Norman Park.  I have a lot of reasons for not doing so and while this is a difficult decision it is not one I took on lightly.  I have made tentative but promising arrangements for Baxter and Idget but nothing yet is looking good for my cat, Simon.

So, dear friends and readers, please consider helping my cat by making room for him in your home.  He's a 9 year old neutered male.  He's a real cuddler and will want to be near you if not right next to you.  This is a picture of him in my lap.


When I first got Simon he was meant to be a companion cat to Idget.  Nine years ago I moved into my first apartment and between school and work I spent a lot of time gone and Idget was clearly bored and bothered by my absence.  I found an ad for a kitten in the music building on UF's campus and knew this was a good choice.  It turns out the person who found him found Simon in a trash bag inside a trash can.  The kitten's howling drew attention and he was rescued.  

For years he and Idget were clearly best friends but in the past nine months Simon's status in the house has changed.  I don't know if it is because of his age or a change in his behavior but when once Simon's position in the house was as a firm alpha, he is now bullied by my other two cats and excluded by them.  He is very unhappy and it is in his best interest that he find another home even if I wasn't getting married.

He would be a good match for someone who either does not have a cat or who has only one other cat.  As an older cat he would not be a fifteen or twenty year commitment like a kitten is and has the maturity to not be destructive like a younger cat could be.  But don't let his age fool you- he is a fiend for a laser, stuffed toy on a string, and loves to chase and pop bubbles!  

If you're interested in adopting Simon I will make this a no-hassle experience for you.  He will be up-to-date on vaccinations and I'll send you home with a litter box, some litter, some flea treatments, and a couple of weeks worth of cat food.  

Please consider giving this genuinely sweet cat a place in your home.  My home is no longer best for him and I need to consider what may make him happier and that may be your family.

February 12, 2013

Short-Term Goals

Brandon and I have set a wedding date of June 29th of this year.  That is only a few months away.  I am crazy excited about this but it does mean the end of something else: CrossFit Tallahassee.  

There's a countdown to my wedding but I also know that it is this countdown to a place that gave me a community and friendships here in town and I am sad to leave it.  I'm not sad to leave FSU- I'm done with courses and my church home is now in Norman Park.  The one community that I cannot take with me to Georgia is the one I've made at CrossFit.

So, with that in mind, I want to make the most of the structured WODs that I can and I want to work harder to reach some goals.
1. Double-unders:  I am horrible at jump rope.  For all of the coordination that I thought I had for Zumba classes I cannot seem to master the timing of jumping rope.  My goal is to get ten double-unders in a three minute period.  This means actually getting dubs to begin with.
2. Skin the cat: I want to do an unassisted skin the cat.  
3. Box Jumps- right now I can jump what I have lovingly called 'baby grey.'  Well, I think I should be able to master 'medium grey' soon.
4.  Handstands: I would like to be able to kick myself up to an unassisted handstand.
5. Rope Climbs.  I've never been able to do this.  I'd like to get at least half-way up the knotted rope.

February 7, 2013

No half marathon for me in two weeks.

Man, I was so excited to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 23.

Then January 7th happened.

Sometime while teaching I got a cold on the first day of school and the cold laid me flat for 10 days but the worst part was that the cough is still with me.  Almost five weeks later and I am only just now getting back into the running part and back into CrossFit.  A week ago I could barely walk across campus without stopping to take resting breaks to catch my breath.

Now I'm getting back into the swing of things and am humbled at how out of shape I am.  Two miles feels so hard and I am really slow.  Before Christmas I could go out and run 8 miles with less than 12 minute mile averages; not even close now.  Running 13.1 miles just isn't going to happen in two weeks.  I was very sad when I made this decision but I'm not trained for it and I want my next half to be an awesome experience; run/walking a four+ hour half marathon was not what I wanted for myself.

But this week and last week I've gone running and gone to the WODs.

Oh, the WODs.  I have missed them so much.  I missed my friends but there are other things.  I missed the way they made they made me feel about myself.  I love defining myself as a runner and as an extreme athlete and CrossFit and races let me do that.  I've said here before that I'll never be content being a casual exerciser.  I need to feel like an athlete and not just that, but as a bat out of hell, oh dear, this stuff is insanely hard but awesome kind of athlete.

Doing what others won't even bother trying is what makes it great.

So yeah, I'm back into things.

Guess what else, I've signed up for another race.  Yes, it's only a 5K, but races keep me committed and you get Girl Scout cookies at the end of this.