May 27, 2013

Why don't I blog more and what's been happening as of late...

Brandon and I are getting ready for married life and June 29th cannot get here fast enough.  We're almost a month away and we are ridiculously excited.  

Since the last post Brandon bought us a house!  It really was a God-thing.  We decided we wanted a home in Brandon's home town, an older home with some charm, and we wanted a big front porch.  We went and saw about a dozen homes, I became enamored with a four-story mansion from 1900 that didn't even have a fridge.  We saw homes with holes kicked in the wall and we saw a piece of property that had mobile home hook-ups but no carpet.  It was a rough search...

Until we found the house.  It was being sold by an older woman who was getting married later in life to a widower and wanted to sell her home easily.  It had a huge porch, the size of a bedroom, was built in 1946, and was in Brandon's home town inside city limits.  I really believe it was a God-thing because the home never even went for sale.  Brandon's aunt found out about the upcoming wedding and told her we were looking for a home.  We went and saw the home, felt it was a great fit, and then she offered it to us at below the appraisal because she liked Brandon and I's family.  

This is us on our new porch after we got the keys.

Another great achievement is Brandon competed in his first triathlon.  He had been training for it for three months.  I really found watching him train like that very inspiring and encouraging.  It displayed a lot of tenacity and determination; he had a very specific schedule to get ready and he got in all of the training workouts he scheduled.

I was so proud of him when he finished.  

Otherwise things are busy, busy, busy with wedding stuff, packing up my house, moving us both into the new house (Brandon's already moved in, I'll be there after the wedding), and selling my house.  There is a lot to do, which is why posting is so infrequent, but it is all very exciting.