May 14, 2012

Something new

Okay, so I just haven't had that much to say around here lately.  I mean, without a race or event to train for there's just less to think about: I go to zumba, to CrossFit, and now to hot yoga (for the summer).  I've basically retired my running sneakers for the summer minus the running at CF or if I get the occasional inspiration to head out the door. 

I've also had a bit of a logistical issue with the blog.  I've started seeing someone and wasn't exactly how or if I should introduce him to my little corner of the internet.  As of yet, I'm still holding back.  I'm not ashamed of anything I post here; most of it I am incredibly proud of, some of it is bittersweet, but showing him the blog seems a bit....


I'm not hiding anything but I do want to hold back a bit and take my time.

But I did promise any readers I have left that I had an announcement:

I joined Weight Watchers.

Now I've lost somewhere between 60 and 65 pounds on my own and that's a serious accomplishment but at the same time that's just it: between 60 and 65, meaning I'm swinging back and forth those 5 pounds and not losing any more.  I just thought I needed some structure and I already think that going in to weigh is a benefit for someone like me who does not do well with anonymity when it comes to reaching goals.

Accountability helps me.

So I will be posting more about WW, their new Points Plus system, WW vs. Spark People, and anything else that I find awesome.

I believe in fairytales and serendipitous encounters.

PS- oh, and I love power squats.  Like, really: love.  Love, love, love.

May 6, 2012



Can you hear them?

I don't have much to say this week but I promise something is just around the corner and it's exciting.