February 1, 2011

Where I wish I was today!

The Pantheon in Roma!

I wish I was there right now, sitting in front of the obelisk, watching the kids eat gelato, eating McDonald's fries (yes, McDonald's bought a space directly in front of the Pantheon and I find the irony humorous), and enjoying the general splendor.

This is why I want to get healthy, lose weight, and get fit. 

I want to go back to Europe and enjoy all of it.  I want to eat gelato twice a day 'con crema' and eat pasta every evening.  I want to walk the Piazza Navona at every conceivable time of day.  I want to enjoy the shopping.  I want to toss coins in the Trevi Fountain and ensure a third trip. 

I miss Italy.  I miss it like a relative that I love that maybe lives far away or a best friend that I haven't seen in ages.  Just like those relationships, I long for Italy.  I also know, that like those relationships, I could walk back into Roma and just as before resume the closeness and happiness I found there before.

Maybe even find love there?

Probably not!  Those Italian men are cads!

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