January 12, 2011


Not a lot to report.  I'm staying in my calorie range, some of the hunger issues are getting better but it is worst between lunch and dinner.

The past few days Jackson and I have been going for long walks, despite the cold.  He actually gets more energetic and rowdy the longer we walk.  You'd think those little legs would be tired but instead they just seem to get more and more active.  I met a couple of my neighbors: Mrs. Hopkins and Mr. Court. 

Mrs. Hopkins is an elderly woman, her and her husband take walks right around the time that Jackson and I like to go.  She was alone today, she told me that her husband's neck hurt so he stayed inside.

Mr. Hopkin's has 'memory problems.'  I asked Mrs. Hopkins if she had a support network.  She mentioned her daughter living in Wakulla.  I meant something more involved, kind of like what my mom has, where caregivers meet regularly to share their struggles as well as highlights.  It sounds like she is basically doing this alone and my heart lurched for her.  She told me they had been together for 64 years. 

64 years.

If their marriage was a person he would be qualified for social security by now. 

I hope I can be supportive and helpful to her.  I mean, I barely know her, but she clearly needs someone to listen to her. 

The other man I met today was named Sheldon Court.  He told me he was '74 and loving life!'  I introduced myself and he immediately asked me if I had one of his flashlights.  I told him no.  He rushed inside and came out carrying two small black flashlights.

'Your choices are black or black,' he chuckled, clearly smitten with his own cleverness.

'I think I'll take the black one.'

And off I went with two new neighbors and a flashlight.

Well, I must go.  Puritan government philosophy and religious treaties are calling and I must read them before tomorrow afternoon.

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