January 10, 2011

The Nutritionist, Heather

This morning I met with my *nutritionist* Heather.  I know, you're thinking 'how does a graduate student get a nutritionist?'  Well, Heather and the other fine folks at Thagard, are a part of my university health insurance package and I plan on utilizing them.

This was the third time I met with a nutritionist, only the second time with Heather.  Largely she appluaded my 'genuine efforts' at healthy eating.  I printed up my sparkpeople food diary and brought them in to show her.  I also brought in my latest healthy eating book, 400 Calorie Fix.  She seemed very pleased.  Heather did encourage me to be more flexible.  Even only meeting with her twice, she zeroed in on my tendencies towards complete dedication or reckless abandon.  She instructed me not to worry about jogging; that will come later.  Instead, focus on eating and feeling better in general.  She expressed worry that if I committed to diet and exercise immediately, I would let both slide because I could do neither the justice it deserved. 

That felt like a legitimate point.

All week long I've been talking about jogging and to what avail?  I went once last week.  Heather says that for right now that's enough.  It has to be or I'll feel like a failure. 

My loans come in sometime this week and with that I plan on rejoining Art of the Catwalk.  I love it there.  Once that happens I would like to get back into going to classes twice a week or so but I need to ingratiate myself slowly.  Let my body adjust to exercising again, let my cardiovasculature get strong. 

When I was in the office I felt like Heather's advice was very frustrating: I want to do everything at once! However, my track record (pun!) with several commitments has not been good.  I get overwhelmed or discouraged and quit.  I get tired and quit.  I felt frustrated and quit, etc.  Maybe this way, I'll avoid the quitting stages. 

Maybe this way I'll have more success.

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