April 8, 2013

Also, a garage sale on Saturday!


Click this link for my address and a list of what's for sale.

Some items for sale:
Total Home Gym
DVD player and DVDs
Mikasa Italian Countryside plates and dishes
Glasses and cups
Women's clothing 8-12 and 18-20
Men's clothing
Women's shoes size 8-9
Sewing patterns and fabric, most of which is uncut
Fire pit
Crafting supplies

Recent Adventures

This spring has turned into one of the best, maybe the best, in my young years.  The wedding is only about 80 days away now and I can. not. wait.  The wedding planning is going smoothly.  This weekend Brandon and I got to test our wedding cake options.  That was by far the most fun of all of the wedding planning.  We're 90% sure that our bottom tier will be almond (the baker's version of yellow cake with buttercream frosting), the middle tier will be a yellow cake with pineapple filling, and the top tier will also probably be almond with buttercream frosting.

Easter was a lot of fun.  Here's my favorite picture from that day.  Isn't he handsome with his bowtie?  Good grief that man is good looking.

Otherwise we've been having a lot of fun.  We went to my first Drive By Truckers' concert last month.  Brandon is a really big fan and has seen them several times.  I enjoyed the concert a lot but the really cool part was watching him get all giddy telling me about his favorite band.  It reminded me of when we first started dating.

Aren't we just adorable?  Really, we're uncommonly good looking people.

The concert was really fun.  It was at a baseball stadium and the band was in the middle of the field while the audience was in the stands.  This means that even though we were on the very first row we were still 40 feet away from the band.  It was a weird set-up but it was still really cool.  The power went out to the main-stage in the very first song so for about ten minutes the band went around and visited with fans while the crew worked on the issue.  Brandon got to fist-bump Patterson Hood, one of the main singers and guitarists.  I don't think he's washed his hand since then.

This period of dating and engagement has been so much fun.  I am looking forward to June 29th but still trying to relish this time before we are husband and wife.  There is something about waiting to see each other that creates an anticipation that once we are married and living together most of that will be gone.  I won't have to until the weekend to see him; I'll have to wait until we get home from work.  There is something different about this time that I want to savor because once we're married it will be gone.