March 30, 2011


My iPod got here this afternoon!  I am so happy that it arrived with enough time for me to use it tomorrow and see how it goes.  It is orange and adorable.  It really is only a little bit bigger than a silver dollar.

I must have a thing for orange right now because when I got a new balance ball on Sunday I picked an orange one then too.

Squee!  My iPod is here!  ::does happy dance::


Kila Bell said...

Orange is my favorite color! How's your whittling going? I better go get up dated on your blog and see if i can find out!

HillaryGayle said...

I played with one of those at the Apple store in Dallas. Seriously, if I didn't have an iPhone, I'd be snagging one of those in a minute.

Elizabeth Dean said...

I'm very happy with mine overall. It's like my fourth 'pod so I know the minute mine dies I need a new one.