March 22, 2011

Whiddle my Middle

Most people, myself included, really do not like core and ab work. It involves laying on your back and doing crunches or getting on all fours, among other things. As far as fitness goes it's pretty miserable.

Well, I was reading a running blog this morning, Lil Surfer Girls, who did a 30 day Whiddle Your Middle challenge that I thought didn't look half bad.  I liked it because it incorporated yoga moves that you hold for a 30-60 seconds and other activities to strengthen your core.  No crunches! 

Here's the plan:
Straight Arm Plank- 60 seconds
Side Arm Plank- 30 seconds, each side
Superman/Banana- 60 seconds
Prone Plank- letters A-H
Prone Plank Reverse Curl- 12 reps
Supine Bridge- 10 reps

What's a Superman/Banana?  Here's a video to show you:

Now Lil Surfer Girls was already in great shape so I may need to adjust the times/reps for my own body but the point is that over 30 days you will increase your time and reps and get extra awesome and strong.  Having a stronger core will make me a better jogger, give me better posture, and improve my overall health.

Anyone out there with me?

Oh, and this blog has become kind of a lonely place so if anyone out there is reading a comment would be aweome. 

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