March 24, 2011

Whittle My Middle Day 1

Okay, as a recap:
Yesterday- best run thus far of the year.  I really tried to push my self for speed during my intervals and focus on lengthening my stride a bit.  I ran 3.7 miles in 50 minutes and finished the 3 miles in 40ish minutes- previously had been 43 to 44ish minutes.

Today I started the Whittle My Middle 30 Day Challenge.

It's really hard, ya'll.

First I did the straight arm plank for 40 seconds, a ten second break, and then rest of the 20 seconds.  In addition to my abs this really worked my arms, shoulders, and chest.

Then I did 30 seconds on each side of the modified side arm plank.  It didn't really do anything because I modified it, which focused on my form rather than my muscles.  That was more of a yoga thing so I think tomorrow I will try to do real side plank for as long as I can hold it inside those thirty seconds.

This was followed by....wait for it.... no superman/bananas!!  I checked my house and there is no space in my entire house where I can lie down with my arms stretched out beyond my head without hitting a piece of furniture.  I'll see what I can do, but let me assure the rest was challenging.

Next I did the stability ball (thanks Jenn!) prone plank. 

This lady talks about trying to spell out the alphabet with your abs!!! Hard. Core.  Let's just say I just tried to hold myself on the ball, which is seriously underflated (thanks Jenn!).

This is followed by 10 reps of the prone plank reverse curls.

Finally I did 10 reps of supine bridge with arm extension.

There you have it folks- day 1!  I'm wondering what I'll feel like tomorrow?  Oh, and if any of you need an online stop watch (trying to look at your watch while doing these things is not good) go to this site.  Very helpful for timing your prone planks.

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Kila Bell said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! This makes my heart so very happy and thanks so much for the shout out! If i've inspired only one person then it's all worth it! GO YOU! and i look forward to following your progress!