March 21, 2011

Life's a Party!

Life's a Party!  That is the slogan of Zumba fitness. 

What is Zumba? 

Zumba is a type of aerobic activity that blends Latin, Hip Hop, and other contemporary dance steps into easily choreographed routines that people then use to get their exercise.

It is super awesome fun and I go at least twice a week.

I love Zumba for many reasons, some include that it lets me be sexy in a safe way (i.e. not exposed to onlookers, just my classmates who are in general awesome).  It also allows me to be silly, jump up and down, get my groove on, and thoroughly enjoy exercise in a way that is very different from jogging.  Jogging is more about spending time with myself, trying to push my body in a very controlled, methodological way. 

Zumba is the opposite of that.

Zumba is about letting go, throwing your hands in the air, shaking your butt, letting loose, and having fun.  Zumba is about loud music, cheering with the songs, high-fiving your class mates, and letting ourselves step away from our busy lives and just enjoy 55 minutes. 

After all, life's a party!

Last year Doreen, myself, and other Zumba devotees led a Zumba expo at Tallahassee's March of Dimes walk.  We warmed up the crowd and when they came back from the walk we led some of the crowd in a few dances.  Somewhat to showcase my gym and Zumba, but also to show these people that exercise can be silly and more about just moving your body in any way possible rather than following specific steps or program.

I've embedded a link to that video from last year's March of Dimes expo.  FYI this is might not be family/work safe.  When we danced at the expo we danced to Jay Sean's 'Down' and whoever put up this video added some music that we'll just say might not be friendly to young ears as it both uses bad language and is offenseive to my feminist sensibilities.  I'm the one in the awesome hot pink trucker hat.

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