July 21, 2012

Be You, Bravely

I really like the direction that this blog has taken in the past month.

I feel as though focusing on small and large blessings made my blog a more pleasant place to visit and a more positive writing space for me.  

I picked the above picture because I feel as though I am trying to be authentic but at the same time I am looking- seeking- to find more good than not good.  I think looking for good things in my life is an act of bravery, even though it may be subtle and the only person it really impacts is myself.  I continue to struggle with feelings of being enough but the more I focus on good things the more I feel as though there is something more genuine in me that is rising to the surface.  

Today I am grateful for sleeping late, push-ups, red lipstick, sharing secrets, double dates with friends, ladies that give me advice when I ask and hug me when I do not, singing at church, whispered prayers, and light bulbs in the kitchen that work.

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