August 1, 2012

Just busy.

Everyone is busy.

People take joy in seeing just how much stuff they can cram into their calendars.

Like everyone else, I am busy too.

Dating.  Exercising.  Working.  Getting ready for the next semester.

In the past month I've met B's family, went to a wedding, B met my parents, saw a lot of movies, signed up for some races, cooked, baked, cleaned, washed, spent a lot of time driving to and from southwest Georgia, saw my family, celebrated birthdays, tracked gratitude and positive things, and so many other little things that make for busy-ness.

B showed me his family's farm the other day and I continue to be enchanted by just how different his life was from mine as a kid.  He had acres and acres to explore, rode tractors, interacted with 2,000 pound animals.... me?  I could ride my bicycle manhole cover to manhole cover.

It really is beautiful out there- green and full.

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