July 12, 2012

One mile fun run.

Sometimes at races they have what is called a 'one mile fun run.'  It's meant to attract people who may not think they are able to run 6.2 miles or for families who want to do something athletic with their kids.  I've never done one because I didn't think it was for me.

This morning I went back to physical therapy.  If you've ever been to PT you can relate that it is hard.  Really hard.  And painful too.  I cannot imagine what it must be like to be someone with a long-term PT plan, mine is only for a few weeks.  Today the therapist 'massaged' my leg (I'm pretty sure that I'll be bruised from it in the morning), taped up my foot, and put in some inserts.  She wanted me to run one mile just to see how it compared to some running I did earlier in the week. 

I waited until it was dark.  I used to love to run in the dark because of the anonymity but as I got older I felt more inhibited and vulnerable at night.  I just did one mile.  No Garmin.  No watch.  Just my iPod and shoes.  It immediately felt good.  In fact, it felt great.  My foot loosened up after about a quarter of a mile and I did some fartleks (speed work/sprints).  I felt like I was flying.  I picked my feet up high, pumped my arms and ran just because I could. 

It was awesome.  I'm so grateful for this amazing, strong, fast, powerful, beautiful body.  It can do incredible things.  Sometimes I get frustrated because it doesn't look like the way I think it should on any given day, but most days I realize that the feats I can accomplish are ot average but they are wonderful.

I am wonderful.

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