March 8, 2012

Update on the challenge

Today's day 8 of the challenge.

Still doing well.  While I don't always have a 100% Paleo day I'm still able to get through most days with what I would think of as a 90% success.  At Disney I managed to do all Paleo at the meals but indulged in my absolute favorite Disney food: the Aloha Dessert.  It's pineapple juice with vanilla soft serve in it.  Like a pineapple float.

It's amazing.

Really.  Think about it: cool, refreshing ice cream with tart juice.  I don't know who thought of it but they deserve a raise.

So maybe that's how Paleo will work for me without making me crazy... trying to find a balance for 90% Paleo, 10% something else somedays with most days being a more strictly observed high protein, low carbohydrate, Paleo lifestyle. 

6 miles on Tuesday at a new personal best with average splits of 11:48.  Paleo makes me faster and I really like that.  I'm going to try and get in 8 miles this weekend.

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