March 20, 2012

I fell and it wasn't graceful

Well, Monday through Friday Paleo went great.  Talking with my counselor really helped me let off steam and I found it easier to control myself.  Win for me.  Saturday I went over the edge at the birthday party.  The food was just Too Good. 

Really, just too good.  Grilled hamburgers, Tasty Pastry cake (same people who made my birthday cake), beer.  Just too good.

Now I'm back to Paleo-ing and going at the workouts like the zombie apocalypse is tomorrow.  The Warrior Dash is in less than two weeks and I am super excited/nervous. 

I did have a race this Saturday and it sucked.  I was trying to beat my time from the Turkey Trot 10K.  I'd had good strong runs at much faster paces and I was hoping to bring in something similar on a timed race.

No dice.

In short: I fell.  No injuries but it really slowed me down.  First I lost some time when I fell and then I was a bit more ginger.  I tripped a couple more times.  When you're trying to beat a previous time by two or three minutes and you lose those minutes in a fall and then never recover your pace, well, you won't meet your goals.  It's fine, just disappointing.

Hopefully the race next Saturday will make up for it.

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