March 12, 2012

A conversation

So for days I've started Paleo then in the crucial decision making time of the hours between 4 and 8 I would always slide downhill.  I would eat whatever was the least Paleo I could find.  Anything with carbs, dairy, sugar, and without meat or eggs was the only thing even remotely appetizing. 

So this afternoon I went and saw my counselor.  It's not a secret that I see one.  I told her what had been happening and how I could not stop thinking about foods.  I told her about the Paleo challenge. 

She said this: "cut yourself some slack."

I give food this power over me. 

It was her professional opinion that this challenge may be doing more harm than good as far as my emotional tie with food.  She said that on weekends I should be more flexible because it gives me something to look forward to and then lets release some of the focus I give to food. 

And then I felt better.

I felt relaxed and my Paleo dinner didn't feel like a punishment but like another healthy decision I could make for myself.

Talking to her really helped, if for no other reason than that it give me a place to put those feelings.

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Reese's Runner said...

She's so right!! And Paleo says you should *try* to stick to it 80%. My Crossfit coach eats anything and everything on Saturdays. No guilt. No worries. He said it makes him enjoy his week more because he knows that if he still craves it by Saturday he can enjoy it. It keeps him from just grabbing something because he wants it right then. But yes, relax girl, you don't need to be perfect. Eating healthy most of the time is what matters. I'm glad your counselor is helping :)