March 26, 2012

I have to make a decision

Do people still use pros and cons lists anymore? 

I need to make a decision and am wondering if a pro/con list might make it easier.

Do I try to stick with Paleo or do I go back to calorie counting? 

Pros to Paleo
1. No calorie counting
2. Fat is not the enemy
3. A gluten free and low-dairy lifestyle seem to help my workouts
4. For some reason I run faster on Paleo
5. I lose weight on Paleo at a pretty consistent rate

Cons to Paleo
1. Carbs are the enemy and carbs are delicious and diverse
2. Paleo is complicated when you're eating with a group of people
3. Paleo is expensive- meats and fresh produce cost green.
4. Paleo makes it hard to think about non-Paleo foods all the dang time

Pros to Calorie Counting
1. Everything is fair game
2. More adjustable to my outings
3. More adjustable to my budget
4. I lose weight when I'm consistent

Cons to Calorie Counting
1. Counting is tedious
2. I do lose weight but it is slower
3. Seems to be hard to predict how my body will feel on any given day

I cannot keep going back and forth between Paleo diligence and eating whatever I want so I have to make a choice.  Paleo gives me better athletic performance but I need to find a way to balance out this rather restrictive lifestyle with other food choices without going overboard.

I'm still thinking on the issue.

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chereemoore said...

Can you do a blend? Like if you know you will be going out with friends, count calories? I know nothing about Paleo, but surely there is some way to make healthy choices to fit your lifestyle without feeling like you are stuck in a box...