December 9, 2011

Mitten Debate! 5 day streak!

Did you know that the states of Wisconsin and Michigan are currently engaged in a mock feud about who is or is not the 'Mitten State'?

This is what I call a 'first world' problem.  Only in first world countries could the major debates be about which looks more like a knitted device for keeping fingers toasty.  Third world countries just wish they had mittens.

In other, more local news (so local it only pertains to me) I am on a five days in a row exercise streak.  I am thinking of making this some kind of New Year's challenge: how many weeks in a row where I can work out six days in a row?

Monday: Zumba and Crossfit
Tuesday: 2 mile jog and Crossfit
Wednesday: most of a Zumba class
Thursday: 3 mile jog and Crossfit
Friday: Crossfit
Saturday (tentative): 4 mile jog


Christopher said...

Great goals, but be careful of burnout. Most sports medicine specialists recommend building up to that rigorous a schedule over time, because your body needs to adapt.

Rebecca said...

i agree with Chris..

Although I've never tried Crossfit from what I hear it's intense, i MIGHT lay off of the jogging. just a suggestion.

Elizabeth Dean said...

I agree with both of you, to a degree But I have been exercising five or six days a week since January so I think my body is used to getting out there for an hour or so a day. Also, I have that race in February. I can't give up the jogging. In January my membership to where I take Zumba lapses and I am thinking about letting that expire until I'm done with the race.