December 11, 2011

Fantastic run, well, mostly.

Yesterday was my first longer run since the Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving.  I only ran 4 miles but it felt overall great.  I went up and down Ocala and Tennessee Street.  I felt most fast, keeping my miles around 12:15 to 12:30.  I cannot wait to start getting faster again. 

There was one slight glitch, however.  I went running around 445.  At 3 I ate lunch.  That led to some.... distress.  I actually had to stop at TCBY and use their restroom, something that has never happened before.  The nice girl at the showed pity on me and gave me some water. 

Overall though I felt like the run went very, very well.  I felt light and quick for me.  I also was enjoying running down Tennessee Street.  Usually I head westward, which is mostly a few scattered houses along this main thoroughfare.  This time I headed east and ran by all the little stores like NY Pizza, Burger King and others.  There were a lot more people.  Usually I don't see a lot of people, either on the side walks or in the cars.  This time, because I was headed towards campus, there were students and stop lights where I made eye-contact with a lot of drivers.  I definately felt safe and seen.  I did not count on the stop lights.  I know I lost time standing at the lights or waiting for cars to see me so that I could cross. 

Otherwise, despite some normal, reasonable glitches this was a fantastic run.  I'm going to try for five miles on Thursday or Saturday.  It felt great to stretch my legs.

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