November 22, 2011

Things are going very well.

First, an update about last  week's goals.   In short, I met them.  All of them.  I tracked and drank and ran and exercised and everything else.  It was a good week.

Second, on Thursday I have a race, a 10K Turkey Trot in Gainesville.  I feel mostly ready for it.  I haven't ran any races since Springtime Tallahassee 2011.  For that race I finished in 86:01 for a 13:51 mph average.  I'd like to think I am faster now, or at least more consistent.   My goal for this race is to finish in less than 81 minutes, less than a 13 minute mile.  Four weeks ago I was running 11:30 miles, now my miles are averaging 12:22-12:45 minute miles.  I've ran this race before and don't remember any significant hills or inclines, it's Gainesville, there are only hills on one side of town and this race is not there.  That, I think, will improve my likelihood of a faster time. 

Also, I feel ready, generally.  I'm worried that I'll feel off or that my slower running times will be even slower on Thursday.  My hope, fingers crossed, is that the adrenaline of the crowd will give me a rush of adrenaline that will carry me through all 6.2 miles.  I'm also hoping that any additional strength or confidence acquired in my week at CrossFit will aid me, not hinder me.

I cannot wait to update everyone about my upcoming success!


Christopher Griffin said...

Make sure you eat well before hand. Big meal four hours before; snack one hour before; drink water until you are peeing clear and copiously.

I hope you do well! Cannot wait to hear you results.

Rebecca said...

good luck tomorrow and i can't wait to read your recap!