November 13, 2011

Goals for this week.

Here's a review of how I did on my goals last week:

Tracking: I tracked like a demon for the first few days but got less and less accountable as the week went by; I didn't like tracking Halloween candy and a variety of other indiscretions.

Exercise: Three days out of the five I was hoping to do.  I went to a Zumba class on Monday.  Tuesday I got swamped with work, Wednesday I went out to a party.  Thursday I met with a friend (thanks Linnea!) to go for a jog on a new-to-me trail.  We started to jog but I couldn't stop coughing so we ended up walking for an hour.  Friday I did a small but incredbly difficult strength workout at CrossFit Tallahassee (more about that on Tuesday) of which I am still sore.

Money: mostly kept to it until yesterday when I went to Target and bought myself Christmas ornaments.  However, the overall goal was to keep me from getting take-out, which I did not do all week.  So, I felt like mission accomplished.

This week's goals are simpler:

Eat wholesome, simple meals.  Baked chicken, roasted vegetables, etc.  I'm leaving my crockpot and recipe books alone this week in favor of simplicity and fewer ingredients.  I'm going to track and consistently as I can.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.  I'm pretty good about getting in my five a day, but I know that there is an indirect correlation between the amount of candy I eat and my produce intake.  Meaning, the more candy I eat the fewer plants I eat.

Get rid of the candy.  Okay, I'm ashamed of how much crap I ate last week at the party, at my house etc.  I do consider it a sharp victory over the week before, but still not what I want for myself.  I ate/threw away/donated the rest of the candy.  This is why bags of candy is on my trigger lists and should not enter my house.

Exercise: I'd like to do Zumba on Monday and Wednesday.  Tuesday, if I can make it without coughing, an easy 3 mile jog, Thursday 4 miles, and another three miles on Saturday.  Also, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights this week I am going to take the first beginner classes at CrossFit Tallahassee. 

Water: I've been incredibly thirsty lately because of all the junk and also from all of the cooked meals I've been making.  Junk food always makes people thirsty but the foods I've been cooking for myself have also been incredibly high in salt  and this week I've felt continally dehydrated.  I will make a purpose to get 10 glasses of water a day to help me flush my adrenal system.

These are my goals for this week and I am sincerely trying to get back into my routine.  Being sick and the holiday and party season have thwarted me but my general blah feelings this week have reminded me why my goals are so important.

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chereemoore said...

Great goals Elizabeth. One thing I do for water intake is keep my Camelbak bottle filled and with me all of the time. Also, when I am cooking I keep a glass of ice water on the counter. Normally I can drink an entire glass while I am cooking. Good luck with this week's goals!