November 16, 2011

125 lbs!

Okay, so one of  the more awesome things I did this month was join CroffFit Tallahassee.  While I am waiting to review the gym and the program on the blog later, I will say that I already think it is one of the better decisions of my 29th year.

For those that don't know what the CrosFit program is, it is a new-to-me gym trend that wants to revert back to gyms that (to me) look like something of the 1920s and 1930s.  Think back to those old gyms that boxers used to belong to- rowing, olympic style lifting, jumping rope, etc.  Minimalist.  This place doesn't even have A/C or heat.  And while I will explain their program and ideology after I've gone to a few more classes I will say something extra amazing:

Tonight I deadlifted 125 lbs!

What's a deadlift?

Watch this video.

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