November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 2011


Seventy nine minutes and nineteen seconds for the Lloyde Clark Turkey Trot 10K for a 12:57 minute per mile avereage.

My goal was 80 minutes to come in at less than 13 minutes per mile and I managed to just squeak by that time limit. 

The overall race was great, an incredibly positive atmosphere.  One of the reasons I love running and these races is that runners are so nice- they're always rooting for you to reach your personal best.  I kept a strong pace for the first 5K but during the second half I took a lot of walking breaks.  I was really glad that I had kept strong 12 minute miles in the beginning because it allowed me to walk when I needed to during the second portion.  However, even despite the walking breaks I still ran much faster than the Springtime Tallahassee which I ran in 86 minutes.  That was all jogging, no walking (that I remember) so despite the fact that in April I jogged the whole thing I was still almost seven minutes faster this time.  That attractive young man in the picture is my younger brother who also ran with me today.  His time: 53 minutes and 43 seconds.  Ah-mazing.  Really.

That's awesome.

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering: according to my Garmin I burned 1,020 calories, which may, just may, have been the caloric worth of my dessert today.


Christopher Griffin said...

Nice job. Nothing feels better than coming in under your goal. And just like that line from Harry Potter V: every one, even the great ones, start off as beginners at some point. That is why most runners are so supportive. Almost all of them have all been where you are at now. The only difference between you and them are the miles that have passed underneath their feet.

Rebecca said...

Congrats lady!!!

Just the beginning of your race recaps, I hope!

annie said...

congrats, elizabeth! i'm so glad you had a great experience!