February 4, 2011

Zumba today

I've been sick now for ten days.  The worst has been over for three or four days now but I just cannot shake this cough. 

This cough is not the bone shaking cough but more of a constant inconvenience.  When I walk up hills or do anything remotely strenuous I cough. 

This is making me stir-crazy.  Just as soon as I get back into jogging and zumba I get sick! 

I went to zumba tonight, the first bit of real exercise in 10+ days.  I could.not.stop.coughing. 

It was embarassing.  I ended up leaving after 25 minutes. 

I miss exercising so much- I feel so yucky.

On a more pleasant note, I have lost 14 pounds since the New Year!  I'm so awesome!!  I am going to try and go for a jog tomorrow.  Even if it is only for twenty minutes I know it will be better than nothing.

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