February 7, 2011

New look!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fancy new look of Genuine Efforts.  My friend Annie, of Turning Pages, made this blog a very special place.  I think it fits me well- feminine and sincere.  Thank you again Annie for my beautiful blog!

In other news things are going overall well.  Being sick has kept me from exercising but I am happy to report that I was able to go back to Lake Ella to jog yesterday afternoon, doing 40 minutes of the 4x6 breakdown (four minutes of walking, six of jogging).  On Sunday next the breakdown will be 3x7 and so on until I get to 1x9.  Once I get to 1x9 I will work on making some minutes faster or more pushed then others with some recovery time.  I also want to get to a 50 minute workout.  I hope this will help me achieve 12 minute mile for Springtime Tallahassee.

I met with Heather again, my nutritonist.  She's great.  Again she encourages flexibility as being key to making these longterm changes and more sustainable.  She's quick to see that I can be very rigid and fixed (I like to think of it as carefully planned and controlled) and knows that if my plans don't always work out that I get frustrated and am likely to quit or self-sabotage.  She encourages me to relax and anticipate things not always working out as I plan and would like me to consider how to handle that.  It's sound advice and I've learned even since January that I have to sometimes give up control in exchange for sanity and peace of mind.

Look for another post tomorrow about the Super Bowl!

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