February 11, 2011

Feeling really good.

Overall I've had a great, but busy, week.  My students have a paper due on Monday so I've spent a lot of time working with some of them on their writing, their arguments, their ideas.  I have to say, that for the students who have come to me and worked with me over the week, I'm impressed with their hard work.  Some of them did not let this wait until the last minute and really used me to their advantage.  That's smart. 

On the down side there are some students who are working very hard but I know that they will continue to struggle all semester.  I'm very willing to help them in any way that I can but it breaks my heart knowing that someone, somehow, let them down earlier in their education.  The only upside to this, and it's pretty significant, is that these students will almost certainly be able to get a degree and that degree may afford them some upward mobility, open doors, and they will have it for the rest of their lives.  I often take my experiences in education for granted, it was never hard for me.  I succeeded with little effort and I do often wonder what might have happened if I had truly pushed myself. 

Otherwise I've have a good week.  I met with Heather (nutritionist) on Monday, I got several workouts in this week, I've kept to my calorie goals of 1600-1700.  As far as this being a healthy-living, weightloss blog, this week has been 'successful.'

School is about to gear up soon.  In addition to my students' papers, they also have a midterm on Friday.  I have my own midterm the following week.  I also need to work on my papers for this semester.

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