September 9, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Sorry folks but I basically forgot to post last night. 
Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and one tablespoon walnuts, coffee
Lunch: salad mix, kidney beans, pilau rice
Dinner: ribs in BBQ sauce, french fries, and baked beans, sweet tea.
Pumpkin frozen yogurt

Last night I made the impulsive stop at Cornerside BBQ.  If you live in Tally Town it is on the corner of Copeland and Tennessee next to the closed Wendy's.  I had planned on having a dinner of polenta and kale (which I had tonight instead) but when I left the gym I could smell the smoke and sauce and meat and it was just too delicious to pass by so I pulled in and got a rib dinner.  Folks, it was great.  For dessert I got Bruester's pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt.

Today was great also.  For breakfast I had leftover caramel corn but I did not let it ruin my mindset or my calories for the day.  For lunch I had spring mix salad with a Boca Chik'n patty over it along with a slice of watermelon.  Later for snack I had a banana, an apple, and 1 oz. peanut butter.  For dinner I cooked polenta and served kale and black beans over it.  It was very flavorful and light.  It did leave something lacking as I just wished I felt fuller but I'll have to get used to that.  For dessert I had a SoDelicious Banana Split ice cream sandwich.  It is dairy free and only 100 calories.  It also used agave as the sweetener.  It was good; I love artificial banana flavored things. 

Tomorrow is the department party and I am going to be loose with what I eat.  I plan on having a hamburger and partaking in the generous potluck. 

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