September 7, 2010

The Crepe Vine

Today Jennifer and I went to this nice local restaurant called The Crepe Vine.  They specialize in sweet and savory crepe dishes.  Overall it seemed like a nice place to eat with wholesome, natural food made out of real ingredients.  One significant feature is that they make the crepe sandwiches right in front of you so that you can see that the place is clean and that the food is fresh with no sneaky, unidentifiable ingredients.  Unfortunately the place had only one meat-free option or you could create your own meat-free crepe but even those offered two (2!) kinds of cheese. 

Jennifer had some kind of savory crepe but she also go a dessert crepe filled with granola, almonds, honey, whipped cream, and strawberries.  I didn't want a savory crepe because I had packed my lunch.  Also the dessert crepes looked really heavy... all of the ones I wanted had nutella and peanut butter with strawberries and maybe also whipped cream and honey.  I think I'd go straight into a coma if I had something like that without planning for it.  I did however have a "Guilty Pleasure" bowl.  It had a banana and strawberries all sliced up with chocolate sauce and walnuts on it.  It was delicious, like a banana split without the ice cream.  If anyone gets a chance to go to the crepe vine or a crepery do so.

Breakfast: 2 slives whole wheat bread, coffee, 1 oz. peanut butter.
Lunch: salad, pilau rice, kidney beans, pineapple, 'guilty pleasure' bowl, 1 T hummus
Snack: one oatmeal breakfast cookie, pear
Dinner: 2 vegan burgers with 2 whole wheat thins, tomato and lettuce, mustard and ketchup

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