September 15, 2010

Time is Flying By!

Wowza!  I looked at my syllabus this morning and realized that I am already a quarter of the way through the fall semester!  That is nuts!  We are halfway through September and I am sooo ready!  I'm ready for cooler weather, for sweaters, for cider, for pumpkins.  Really, is there a better season then fall?  The food is richer, the colors and cuts of clothes are more flattering to just about everyone, and the briskness is energizing and refreshing. 

Tuesday and Today's Recap.
Breakfast: cherry pie oatmeal, coffee
Snack: apple, banana
Lunch: the last (!) of the polenta with kale, one boca vegan burger, with ketchup, 2 small clementines
Snack: 2 T peanut butter
Dinner: 2 servings of Wolfgang Puck's hearty lentil and vegetable soup, cranberry juice,
Dessert: dark chocolate banana baby (a half banana dipped in dark chocolate then frozen)

Yesterday I also went running again.  Up hills.  It was a mistake.  I am so sore today that I can barely move.  I went for 45 minutes and finished strong.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is my day off from exercise but when I go run again on Saturday I plan on running the track at Godby High School.  Nice and flat- like Kansas.

Today I again had cherry pie oatmeal for breakfast with coffee. Snack: banana  Lunch was 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 T peanut butter, and carrot sticks.  Snack: apple.  Dinner was 2 vegan burgers on 2 whole wheat deli thins, both with ketchup and mustard. 

Again I had an intense workout day.  Everyday I walk roughly 30-45 minutes between walking to the bus stop, walking around campus, and at least three dog walks a day.  In addition to walking I decided that because I got out of class early I was going to go to the 5 pm yoga class.  My hips, quads, and back were so sore from yesterdays jog that I thought a little yoga might do me some good.  The stretching did help but it was very difficult.  After that I took a zumba class that was probably medium intensity.

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