September 13, 2010

Little Athens

Great day!  Breakfast was two whole wheat bread slices with natural smooth peanut butter, coffee.
Snack was a banana, apple, and a serving of triscuit crackers
Lunch: Little Athens!  This great new restaurant on Tennessee Street in the shopping plaza next to the McDonald's.  I got a hummus gyro that had hummus, falafel, lettuce, tomatoes, and some kind of dressing on a pita bread.  It was amazing.  I just loved that place and highly recommend it.  I definately think it is better than the Pitaria which is across the street.
Dinner: kale with polenta (I am never making this again!  It makes too many leftovers and I am sick of it!) and one Chik'n Boca patty.  Cranberry juice mixed with club soda.

Exercise: 30 minutes walking in spurts (i.e. 10 minute walk with Jackson, 15 minute walk on campus to Bellamy) 55 minute Zumba class.

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