August 11, 2012

A tale of two runs.

Last week I went for my first run since running in Central Park June 2nd.  I met a friend, Tamzyn, at 815 at Lake Ella park and just did two miles.  It was rough.  It was humid and I felt tired.  I finished with an average speed of 12:41 per mile.  The next morning my back was incredibly sore; I must have been slouching while I ran.

This evening I went back to Lake Ella and did another two mile run.  It felt completely different.  First, the weather was not nearly as intense.  Also, I enjoyed the run so very much.  I felt a bounce in my step, I felt comfortable, strong, and faster.  I finished with an average of 12:00 per mile and that still included one walking break.  That's a serious difference.  I know some of this had to do with the weather but also some of it had to do with me.  I felt ready to run.  I'd taken good care of myself all week and had plenty of rest.

I am so very ready for running season to start.  My goals for this week are to run Monday and Wednesday for 2 miles and to run 2-3 miles on Saturday.  I missed running so much and am looking forward to getting my running fitness back up to where it was in April.

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