January 29, 2012

Sports Bra and Race Plans

I've professed my love for Enell sports bras before.  I just ordered another one.  My current one's getting pretty raggedy. 

They've done me well but I hope this is the last one I ever have to buy.

Why?  Because I'm hoping that by the time this one is Raggedy Andy I'll be able to wear regular sports bras by regular companies, like Moving Comfort or Under Armour. 

Plans are coming along for marathon weekend.  Here are the tentative plans:

On Saturday morning Jenn and I will drive down to Orlando and set up base camp at the Disney All-Star Movie Resort.  Not only is this one of Disney's budget hotels it is also one of the handful of hotels that will have a shuttle to and from the race on Sunday.  We'll also be heading to the Expo to pick up our race packets, bibs, and any other goodies. After we're settled in I think we'll spend the afternoon in Downtown Disney.  They have a movie theatre and some restaurants for a late lunch.  The idea is to have a nice, larger than normal lunch and to stay off our feet as much as possible.  Then it will be back to the hotel for (maybe) a light dinner and an early bedtime.  I'm thinking at 8 pm with the help one Tylenol PM and I'll be trying to get as much sleep as possible. 

The first corral of the race starts at 545 AM on Sunday morning.  Between getting up, having a breakfast, getting ready and overall jitters people have assured me that I'll need to be up and out the door by 330 AM at the latest in order to take the shuttle and get to the race start.  With a start time around 6 I hope to be done sometime around 9 to 930 at the latest.  There is some kind of victory snack and drink thing where people can pick up their bags, medals, and find their families.  I don't get the impression that this is the kind of thing that people hang around at so after we snack, Jenn and I will probably head back to the hotel for ice baths (!!!), food, showers, and maybe naps.

After we return to the living the plan is to enjoy the rest of the day at the Epcot Park.  So far on my long runs I've been tired but not really sore until the day or two after so I think as long as we both feel okay that we'll lunch in the park and travel around the different world pavilions, see the Michael Jackson show (did you hear?  It's back!!), the Nemo show, and everything else that Epcot offers before our dinner reservations at 735 at Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion.  We'll party and celebrate as long as we can stand it before heading back to exhaustion and sleep and sore muscles.  On Monday morning it will be time for check-out and heading back to Tally-town.

I've been watching some Disney Princess videos on youtube.  They make me tear-up every single time- people look like they're having so much fun. 

I can't count on it because sometimes I can be an emotional vacuum... but I have to wonder, will I cry when I finish?


chereemoore said...

Can't wait to read about your experience. On my race day I swore I would NOT use a portapotty, but the pre-race jitters did me in and I had to use one right before the race... make sure you have time for a pit stop *just in case.*

The best advice I can give to you is to enjoy the experience.

chereemoore said...

Also, I am NOT A CRYER (I cry maybe twice a year, even when I was pregnant) and I totally cried when I crossed the finish line. It was very emotional, something I did not anticipate.