January 14, 2012

7 Miles

Today I ran the farthest (furthest?  When is the right time for one or the other?) I've ever ran: 7 miles.

I almost didn't.

I'd waited too late in the day.  I was tired from shopping for my birthday party next week.  It's colder than I prefer as a Floridian. 

"I could go tomorrow."

If not for some awesome encouragement via Facebook I may not have gone at all.  7 miles was intimidating. 

What if it was like last week?

But it wasn't.

I had to take a few more breaks than I like but I still finished in about 90 minutes (under a 13 minute mile).  I felt really good when I was done.  Mostly I felt good because I was done but I also felt good knowing that I owned those miles and nothing could take them from me.

Next week is 8 miles.  It just sounds sooo far.  I'm going to run them on Friday because Saturday is such a packed day with mani/pedis, hair and make-up, party planning, party throwing, and party enjoying. 

I just really feel and hope that 2012 is awesome. 

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Beth said...

That is so awesome!