January 13, 2012

Gifts I would love to get

So I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago but am having my birthday party next Saturday.  While I don't expect presents I do have a list of things I'd love to get, should anyone like to get me anything!!!


I love these caligraphy inspired initial necklaces.  They're handmade and lovely and delicate.

This fine faux violet covered fur is fantastic.  It is whimsical, decadent, and completely unneeded here in Florida.  However, that said, I do love the idea of this fur.  It is unique, a statement piece, and could make a find addition to many outfits.

This dress.  What can I say about this dress?  The fact that it is the beautiful watery blue color that matches my eyes?  The slightly boatneck collar that flatters everyone?  The ruffles?  The bow in the front?  Maybe I should talk about the inverted mermaid skirt?  It may be the most beautiful dress I've ever seen in my life.  Oh, to have an occasion to wear such a dress!  Anyone going to a ball?  A royal wedding?  Some kind of decadent Southern benefit?  Take me so I can wear this dress!!!

And for my inner geek...

I don't have an iPad or tablet yet (only a matter of time) but when I do get one then it needs to be covered with this Neverending Story cover.  I have no idea where to get it or who makes these but they are fantastic.  Can you fall in love with a tablet cover?  I might be.

So just in case anyone is wondering what the perfect gift would be for me, these are the top four that I'm excited about.  

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