June 30, 2012

Days 6 and 7

Last night I didn't really have time to post because I was too busy having awesome friends over at my house.  Charlie and Ana are great girls that I know from CF Tally and over the past six months I have become close to them in a very specific kind of way.  CF breeds a very unique kind of trust- not necessarily an emotional vulnerability from pouring your heart to someone but a different kind of risk.  You're letting these people see you sweat and grunt and scream.

And fail.  Sometimes your body doesn't do what you think it can and you bail on the weight.  Or you fall or you cry or you throw up. 

Or maybe you just want throw up.

But sometimes you win.  Sometimes you reach a personal best and these people, like Charlie and Ana, are your witnesses.  They high-five you and recognize that you just did something amazing.  They see you do the things that you had no idea that you could do.  And you see it in them too.  They see your body change and your mind develop into someone you only really recognize when you're at CF and with these people. 

Really, it's pretty awesome.  So for days 6 and 7 my positivity post is about how these people are witnessing changes in me I never knew about and it is incredible.

And I am their witness as well.

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