June 26, 2012

Day 3- Hot Yoga

So I'm into my third day of positive blog posts and I like where this is going.

Today's post is about yoga.  I've blogged about yoga before- why I love it and how I got into it but today I want to write specifically about my relationship with hot yoga. 

Funny- B asked me if hot yoga was sexy yoga.  I told him that yes, yes it was.

What I like best about hot yoga is what it teaches me about myself and my body.  If I'm not feeding it properly or working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, nothing tells me faster than hot yoga.  My machine has to be working in top shape to endure 90 minutes of sweat, humidity, and fluid loss.  Lately I've been sitting through large portions of the class.  I've felt nauseated, weak, low blood sugar, as well as angry with my lack of stamina, frustrated that what I have done previously now seems very difficult, and struggling to finish.  

But this is why I love hot yoga.  I love it because it tells me when I'm not treating myself right.  See, I can muscle my way through a CrossFit class because it is 45 minutes of crazy adrenaline.  Zumba is all dancy fun all the dancy time, and I'm not running right now.  Yoga is too internal and too focused on inner thoughts for me to escape any kind of evidence that I'm not treating my body exactly right.  It's like looking in a mirror of all of my habits or past behaviors.  Hot yoga makes me acknowledge all of those things. 

And that's why I love it.

I think by Thursday I'll be feeling a lot better in my yoga classes. 

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