February 7, 2012

What I've got to look forward to...

Things right now are crazy insane.  I've got more work than I can actually do, comp exams in less than two weeks, and my first half marathon on the 26th.

And I'm not done.

Three people have commented on my weightloss and newer, more muscular, svelte body since Friday.  Winning!

On March 17th I want to run the Trail of Payne 10K in Gainesville.

And here's the awesome: I signed up for a Warrior Dash!  A CrossFit friend posted that the Jacksonville Living Social Deal of the day was half off the entry fee and here's what else is fantastic- the race is in Live Oak.  That's only a bit over an hour from here.  Closer to Tally than to Jax, at least.  A Warrior Dash, and other obstacle-based races are very popular right now.  There are similar versions called things like the Spartan Race, the Savage Race and the truly amazing, the Tough Mudder.  These are for-profit races so there is a real emphasis on everyone leaving as a satisfied customer, meaning people feel like they completed things and had a good time. 

On Saturday I jogged 10 miles.  It was exhausting and at mile 8.5 I almost started to cry I was just so frustrated.  I just wanted to be done, desperately.  But I did it and I'm glad I can check that part off of my training. 

One more thing: today I reached a PR.  I went out to run three miles with my friend Jenn and I was flying.  I finished my first mile in 10:38 and ran the whole thing in 32:54 for a 10:57 average pace.  That is amazing.  That is amazing for me and overall awesome to shave so much time off my mile pace.  I don't know if I can repeat it (I like to think that I can) and I know that I won't even be trying for those kinds of speeds on race day because I need a pace that I can maintain for 13.1 miles, but still, Ah-May-Zing.

Here's a Warrior Dash video for those that might like more info:

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