February 13, 2012

The briefest of updates

1) Comps (the Big PhD exams at FSU) start next week.  I won't be around in person or in the inter-world. 

2) 10 miles on Saturday with a very respectable, best-ever time.  Also, saved a yellow lab and was able to reunite this dog, Buster, with his owner.  The dog was lost and miles from home.

3) Probably won't have time to run tomorrow morning; will be grateful for the CF class.

4) When I panic I eat more to the point of excess/feeling angry and frustrated with myself.  Tomorrow I will not do that.

5) Internet is sporadically out at my house.

6) When comps are over then Anna and I are throwing a post-stress party at her apartment.

7) This blog will be updated, even if it just these kind of blurbs.


Cely @ Running off the Reese's said...

Good luck on your comps!!!!! Don't forget to sleep!

Christopher Griffin said...

To be doing all this during comps prep is amazing!