October 22, 2011

My first try at speedwork.

Today was my first real try at speedwork, specifically Yasso's 800s. 

Does Yasso make 400s?

Well, I tried, anyways. 

What I ended up doing was a 1/2 mile of jogging, followed by 1/4 mile of jogging, followed by 1/4 mile walking for a total of 3 miles.  Despite the walking I still managed a 12:40 pace. 

Next week I am going to try and just do the 1/4 miles followed by more jogging (no walking) so as to increase not only my minutes per mile pace but also to increase my cardio endurance. 

For the month of November I want to work up to actually getting my speedy work to the full distance.  That's essentially what I will spend the month of November doing in regards to speedwork: getting the distance of Yasso's 800s to actually be 800s. 

I did enjoy it on some level though.  It was refreshing to try something new although working at a track wasn't very interesting. 

I'll be sure to update next Saturday about how the speed work goes in comparison to today's.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

just try not to over do it...i would hate for you to get injured!!!

building base mileage is key for long term success, as well as speed.

love reading about your updates though!!