October 20, 2011

Is it just me or am I getting faster?

Earlier this week I wrote about a need for a return to my regular eating and exercise habits.  I'm back to getting in all the produce I usually get, I've been running, and getting back into my groove really.  Taking some time off last week was good and I enjoyed myself but I did come home feeling slow and bogged down. 

However, maybe a break was just what I needed....

This week I've been faster.  I went to Lake Ella on Tuesday to do some intervals (jog 2 minutes, run 1) with an average of 11:46 per mile.  12 days before, on October 6th, on the same interval workout, I did a 12:06 mile.  That's a real, measurable improvement.

Today I went out for four miles.  The first two miles average an 11:50 pace.  The third mile was 12:49 with the fourth mile at 13:07.  Normal for me to have the last two miles be slower as they are uphill almost the entire way.  This is an average pace of 12:25 per mile.  The same four miles on October 8th took my 51:28 minutes with an average pace of 12:52 per mile.  The fourth split was 14:20 because the hill required me to walk a lot of portions. 

These are real shifts in my speed.  That is awesome, I am awesome. 

On Saturday I am starting a new type of speed work called Yasso's 800s.  These workouts require me to go to a track warm-up, then do 800 meters (roughly a half mile, or two laps of a standard track), not in a sprint exactly but in a real push for speed.  What the Yasso's 800s are supposed to do is a) elp you get faster but primarily b) predict your marathon time (or in my case, a half-marathon time).  If you can run the 800 in 4:00 then the argument is that you can run a marathon in 4 hours.  If you can do 800 in 4:25 then you should be able to run a marathon in 4 hours and 25 minutes, etc.  I'm hoping to run the 800s somewhere between 5 and 6 minutes.  FYI- if I ran a marathon in 6 hours that would be an average of 13:45 per mile and this may seem arrogant of me but I think I can already do that.

I look foward to getting faster.  I want to be more efficient as a runner, to burn more calories, to be able to go farther with less effort.

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Rebecca said...

congrats on the improvement!!

it takes time but you are getting there!!

race timing is a tricky thing, there are so many factors that go into it, i would advise not to disqualify anything. I would hate for you to be disappointed the way I was for my first Half. It really ruined the magicalness of it.

Keep up the good work!