May 23, 2011


I thought this picture was awesome.  Someone took the time to write a good message on to their scale; applause.

Things are going well with my new experiment with hunger.  I feel that I am eating less, but again, I'm not counting calories so I'm not really sure if that's true or not and if so by how much.  I think I am eating less in the evenings.  The scale is being kind but I must remind myself that not all progress, in fact most progress, cannot be measured by the scale.  I know that my cardio is great, my abs are getting stronger, pilates even after only two weeks is getting easier or at least more tolerable.  I also feel smaller, more athletic. 

In addition to getting ready for the trip physically there has been some gear to purchase.  I thought about hiking in my sneakers but my dad would have none of that.  So this weekend we bought some hiking boots.  They are just about the ugliest things I've ever worn, like wearing little tugboats on my feet.  I also had to buy some wool socks to wear with them.  They cost $20!  For one pair!  Ri-dic-ulous!

I'm also going to order a new pair of shorts.  All the ones from last summer are too big now.  I also ordered a new sports bra that might be a bit more comfortable for an all day outing.  Additionally, a pair of compression shorts.

Overall I am very, very excited about this trip and cannot wait for this physical test.

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Jennifer Sullivan said...

Yeah, your abs are feeling stronger! When your core is strong, everything else seems to follow more easily....