March 3, 2014

Albany Half Marathon Review

On Saturday I completed my first half marathon for 2014 and my husband, Brandon, ran his first full marathon.  This was an awesome, awesome experience that I really did not think I would be able to do even up until the night before the race.  I know that race was a success because of consistent work but also months of answered prayers.  Brandon and I prayed for bravery, courage, and the ability to run through pain.  I was particularly worried about running 8 or more miles through incredible aching or pain.  We told God we were grateful for healthy bodies and asked him to give us the courage to run through pain, if needed.

God met and exceeded our requests.

My goals were to finish, to run in less than 3 hours, to run in less than 2:55, and then, if possible, to run in less than 2:50.  I finished in 2:52:13.  I ran the first 8 miles without any walking breaks and the first 6-7 miles all around 12:08 splits.  At mile 8 I took a 2/10 walking break and another at mile 10 and mile 12 (both of those times I walked for a half mile each).

This was one of the best races I've been to as far as community support.  Church groups, clubs, and local organizations were all strategically every half mile or so to cheer runners and provide runners with water, food, and Gatorade.  They also cheered with enthusiasm; they were excited to be there.

If I would suggest anything to the Albany Half/Marathon planners for 2015 I would suggest that runners need some entertainment.  Could they get some high school marching bands or drum corps at every 4-6 miles?  I think having some entertainment would break up some of the miles into more manageable chunks

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Cheree Moore said...

If you want a race with good, live entertainment, you really need to do the Nashville half/full marathon. I think there were bands set up every mile. I didn't ever use my iPod music. Congrats on finishing another great race and meeting some of your goals!