November 5, 2012

October Recap

October was a really busy month.  It almost always is for everyone because it is the beginning of the holiday season, anyone on a semester schedule like B and I both are is feeling the crunch as the semester hits its stride, and election season is in full swing.  Everyone I know should be busy right now.

Add to that my training for a half-marathon and that I am finishing and about to turn in my prospectus and I am stuffed to the brim with busy-ness.

One of the really fun things that B and I did was go to a local church and buy some pumpkins to make jack o'lanterns.  I've bought pumpkins from them before to decorate my front steps but I'd never carved a pumpkin before.  We went to the patch and we both wore our most Halloween type shirts.  B wore a Ghostbusters shirt and I wore a Count Chocula one.

This is a picture of me and my pumpkin, I nicknamed him Ted.

That night we watched the straight to DVD Trick'r'Treat.  One of our fall goals was to watch scary movies and this was one that I had not seen and that I could handle.  It was sufficiently creepy and gory but not about torture or demonic possession; movies about those things seem to impact me deeply.

Another fun thing was the Flint RiverQuarium Zombie Obstacle Course 5K.  This race was a really fun race overall.  You ran an out and back course with strategically placed zombies.  All runners wore a belt with two 'life' sashes.  The zombies' goals were to take your life sashes.  When those were gone you were still able to run the race and go through the obstacles.  This is different from other zombie themed races where you either lose your life and become a zombie and attack other runners or you lose your life and the race is over for you.  I will say that the zombie parts were really fun because it was a rush to get chased and sprint around them.  They had to stay in certain areas that were clearly marked; they were not hiding and jumping out at you.  It was fun to sprint around them.  The obstacles, however, were a total let down as I was expecting something more like the Warrior Dash and less like a fifth-grade P.E. class.

This is one of our friends, B, myself, and a random zombie after the race.  Doesn't he just look thrilled to be in our picture?  

Other fun things this month: bonfires on the farm but there aren't any really good pictures of that, Halloween even though I didn't have that many trick or treaters, seeing Argo in theatres, some good training runs for my upcoming race, lazy Sunday afternoons, getting to see my parents after a long time gone, going to the South Georgia Throwdown in Albany and watching my CF friends be awesome, and savoring the good times of fall.

November is going to be great.

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