November 10, 2012

Getting ready for the Wine and Dine half marathon!

One of the things that B and other people regularly comment on is just how much stuff that I. and many other runners, take with us on runs.  Now I don't really need all of these things; I just enjoy them.  I like running with music and I like a lot of the information and comfort that some of these things give me.
Here is a list of the things I regularly use on a run, especially anything over six miles:
Brooks Adrenaline Series 12 shoes with two inserts per shoe, one overall insert and one metatarsal insert
Garmin GPS and heart-rate monitor- tells me where I am, how far I've run, calories I've burned, how fast I am going, and other pieces of information I like to see
KT Tape- I use this to tape and support muscles that are injured
Fanny-Pack  Spi-Belt for holding things like keys, IPhone, ID
IPhone- I used my phone to take this picture so my ear-buds are standing-in for this gadget
Bloks- shot blocks are like gel Gatorade.  I eat them for energy if I am running more than 7 miles to replenish salt and sugar
Body-Media- I wear this all day, everyday now.  It keeps track of my sleep, calories burned, and some other pieces of information that I find valuable
Nu-Skin- I put this on places that I already have blisters or am likely to blister on my feet.  It is like a liquid band-aid

Not pictured: my Road-ID.  I forgot this but I always wear it when I run on my isolated paths.  It has my name, my allergies, and my contact information in case something happens to me.
Camel-Bak- if I am on a training run I pack water.  I won't carry any water with me tonight because Disney is very good about lacing the path with water stations.

Also, check out this awesome shirt that I chose, B picked the slogan, and Jenn ironed on the lettering for me to wear tonight for the race!
As this is the Wind and Dine Half Marathon I thought a food related shirt was a great idea.

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Avni said...

Liz, I totally know what you mean about "stuff" while running! A few FRS chews, my iPod, proper gear depending on the weather, etc. It's a lot more involved than simply lacing up a pair of shoes. More power to you, Run-Sister! (PS, how much are you loving the outdoors now that it's November in Florida?)